Our Trip to New Hampshire

After the wedding and a brief stay in Edgewood, Kristina (who is too lazy to do her own writeup, so I'll just add my two cents to this one -K.) and I traveled to New Hampshire.

You might recall that the Northeast had experienced an almost record low amount of rain for September and the first week of October. Well, our wedding changed that and the rains continued. Luckily we made it through New Jersey and southern New Hampshire before all of the horrible flooding. Fortunately the White Mountains, where we were, remained relatively dry but very cloudy.

Just to warn you in advance, this write-up is very waterfall intensive.
  1. The trip and Littleton
  2. Franconia Notch
  3. Mount Washington Cog Railway
  4. Crawford Notch
  5. Kinsman Notch
  6. Pinkham Notch
  7. End of trip and off to our new home

Pictures with Kristina (requires password)
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