New Hampshire Trip - Kinsman Notch

On Thursday we decided to go to Kinsman Notch, which is near the Vermont border. We went to the Beaver Brook Falls (19) which we'll count as one even though there was at least 5 falls.

The trail we took was actually the Appalachian Trail, and it is amazing the things they expect hikers to do. There were these neat triangular steps grafted into the rock, and also rebar hand-holds to help you when climbing along narrow cliffs. (This is the hardest trail we did - steep and no breaks -K)

Here I am sitting on the trail:
Beaver Brook Trail

Here I am at the top fall. It was very peaceful and quiet (though cold!) and a very relaxing spot to visit (We definitely felt away from the maddening crowds -K) :
Beaver Brook Falls

Here is a view looking out away from the falls. As you can see, it was overcast again:
Beaver Out

And we carefully climbed back down, forded a few streams, and returned to the car. Here's a view of where we were. If you see the "V" where the two hills meet, the little white speck just below the bottom of the V is the falls where the previous picture was taken from (Or at least we think it is -K):
Beaver Parking Lot

Next we went to the Lost River Gorge. True to its name, the river runs through a gorge and at times becomes "lost" under giant granite boulders. The best part of all, there are numerous caves and chasms you get to crawl through. (It brings out the child in all of us -K)

Here is the river going behind some boulders:
Lost River

And here is the waterfall in the park, Paradise Falls (20):
Paradise Falls

And here I am underground in a chasm, with my eyes glowing demoniacally:

The Lost River park was a lot of fun and I recommend it to everyone, even people not silly enough to climb through narrow underground caves.

On the way back to the hotel we stopped at one more waterfall, this one behind an Italian Restaurant (21). Unfortunately the pictures of this one didn't turn out. It was named for the guy who discovered ice ages but Kristina thinks the more interesting name is "Indian Leap" because there was a rock formation right above the falls that legend says Indian Braves would jump across to show their courage.
On to the last notch...