New Hampshire Trip - Pinkham Notch

On Friday we saw yet more waterfalls...

We were in Pinkham Notch, which is to the north-east of Mt. Washington. We drove on US 2, the road we traveled along at Glacier Park (although this route and that one don't actually connect).

We are now at the waterfalls in the Dolly Copp region. Here is Stairs Falls (22) which we were lucky to see because of rain; the waterfall book author refused to believe it existed:
Stairs Falls

Here is Coosauk Falls (23). Can you spot Kristina in the picture?:
Coosauk Falls

And here is Hitchcock Falls (24):
Hitchcock Falls

We then went a little bit down the road to see the Triple Falls: Proteus (25), Erebus (26) and Evans(27). I think the picture is Evans Falls, but sorting out which was which is difficult after viewing so many waterfall pictures.
Evans Falls

We continued around to the east side of Mt. Washington, out from the rain shadow apparently because the fog gave way to fairly heavy rain. We went to the AMC Pinkham Notch Camp, avoided the soaked hikers seeking shelter, and then went up the trail a bit to see Crystal Cascade (28):
Crystal Cascade

After that, we went just down the road to see Glen Ellis Falls (29). The view from the top shows that the foliage could be pretty despite the fog:
Ellis Foliage

Here's the view from the bottom. It was hard to get a good picture because another couple was standing at the optimal picture-taking spot. This was a very impressive falls, but it was raining a bit hard to stand around and enjoy it:
Glen Ellis Falls

After that, we drove further south on NH 16. We stopped in the town of Jackson to see the wide falls (30) right near downtown:
Jackson Falls

We then bought gas at what seemed to be a reasonable price (on a road with few stations) only to immediately come across 5 other stations with cheaper prices. But I guess that's the way things go.

We continued down the road, and then got bogged down in horrible construction and traffic near North Conway. This is the more touristy part of the White Mountains; it was very built-up and full of chain stores. (We thank Liz and Will again for recommending Littleton. -K)

We slowly inched our way along but eventually got to the famous scenic Kancamagus Highway that runs across the south of the White Mountains.

This rather blurry picture is of the Lower Falls (31) of the Swift River. Apparently in summer this is a popular area; for us it was raining and empty:
Swift Lower Falls

Further along the road is the somewhat more impressive Upper Falls (32) of the same river (AKA Rocky Gorge). They had just finished renovating the parking area and it looked nice.

There was an interesting story posted about how a young woman had fallen into the stream back in the 40s and was trapped in an air-pocket under the falls for most of a day and lived to tell the tale. (To the complete shock of her rescuers! -K)

Rocky Gorge

And a bit further down the road we saw what was to be our last waterfall for the trip, Sabbaday Falls (33). It was named that because in the 19th century a road crew was building a road, stopped near the waterfall because it was a Sunday, and an early snow-storm halted work for the year which was then never finished. (The road was never finished, not the year -K)

Here is the top of the falls:

And here is the bottom. Notice the lava-dike (black line of rock) that is geologically why the falls happens to be in this location (Very cool! -K) :

After that we drove across the mountain pass back to our side of the mountain and to our warm, dry hotel room.
On to the last day...