A Northwest Trip


Two Weeks in a Suburban

Time for another trip! (Once again I am too lazy to do my own writeup, so I'll add my comments in purple -K.)

I traveled with Kristina's family throughout the Pacific Northwest and back again. Many of the original reasons for traveling to the West Coast had fallen through, so things morphed into a "Show Kristina's sister all of America before she goes to England as a Gates Scholar" trip.

This trip is longer than previous ones I've written up, so be warned in advance!

There were two initial legs of this trip. The first all-female leg was an overland trip from MA to CA to get the car into place. The second leg follows my trip to Boston for the ISCA Conference and then via airplane to CA.

You can treat this first part as a choose-your-own-adventure!
Track 1 - Kristina Track 2 - Vince
  • Day 0 - Sandwich MA to Ithaca NY
  • Day 1 - Ithaca NY to Saginaw MI
  • Day 2 - Saginaw MI to Lincoln NE
  • Day 3 - Lincoln NE to Evanston WY
  • Day 4 - Evanston WY to Carson City NV
  • Day 5 - Carson City NV to Oakland CA
  • Day 0 - Ithaca NY
  • Day 1 - Ithaca NY to Boston MA
  • Day 2 - ISCA
  • Day 3 - ISCA
  • Day 4 - ISCA
  • Day 5 - Boston MA to Oakland CA

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