VMW Christmas Demos

Starting in 1990 each December I would write a Christmas "Demo" to show off at the most awesome of demo scenes, by which of course I mean the computer room of my Grandmother's Christmas Party attended by various aunts/uncles/cousins.

I kept this up until 1996 when I got too busy with finals right before Christmas. In 2018 I went back and resumed the tradition.

You can watch my coding skills progress over the years:

Watch the videos

You can watch the full playlist on Youtube here: VMW Christmas Demos

Download the Demos

Here is a zip file containing the files. You probably want to run this under DOSbox, I'm pretty sure they aren't all going to work on Windows. Also tried to include the source code. Also the time stamps on some of them are a bit more recent; I had to go back and "fix" some of the code that was using hard-coded path names and such.
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