2023 Apple ][ Christmas Demo (8k)


Another in the series of VMW Christmas demos


Recorded on an actual Apple IIe platinum with Mockingboard:

System Requirements


Apple II Code/Disk Images


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Effect summary

Opening Screen This is drawing the scene using blocks. It's based on an Apple II bot submission I made a few years back. It's using the block drawing code from second reality even though that's overkill.
To make things fancier it's using vapor-lock (reading the floating bus to find VSYNC) to do some mid-screen mode switches to get a lo-res on top and hi-res on the bottom (something that's normally not possible on the Apple II).
No music right at the start as the music is 50Hz but the cycle counting is 60Hz.
Fireplace Scrolling This is using some lo-res horizontal text scrolling I wrote a few years back, took me a while to remember how to generate the text for it.
3D Tree This is 16 frames of animation, I made the tree in some 3D software and manually rotoscoped it. This takes up a lot (16k) of RAM but it compresses down to almost nothing (I use ZX02 compression).
Plasma Tree Using the masked plasma drawing code from second reality here using the 3D tree as a basis. (Plasma code is based on the French Touch Plasmagoria code)
Snowflakes Was planning something more fancy, but you just get a few dancing snowflakes here. They're using the sine tables from the plasma code which is why they're moving a bit irregularly. On AppleWin at least it crashes when the music ends which seemed fitting to me, sorry if you want it on infinite replay (it didn't crash on real hardware; I run AppleWin with randomized memory init on to catch uninitialized variable bugs so it's probably one of those).

Development Notes

V1.0 notes -- 12/24/2023

Wanted to do another Christmas demo. mA2E was nice enough to make some music, but then I got really busy at work. Did get something finished in time but not as ambitious as I was original hoping.

Took a bit to get a video recorded as we have Christmas guests and they're staying in the same room as the Apple II.

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