2019 Apple ][ Christmas Demo (8k)


Another in the series of VMW Christmas demos


System Requirements


Apple II Code/Disk Images

Development Notes

V1.2 notes -- 12/18/2019
Should auto-detect the slot the Mockingboard is in.

V1.1 notes -- 12/21/2019
Added some code to detect Apple II+ vs IIe, as the text sliding code looked worse on the IIe because the font is offset by a line.

Also reduced the volume on drums on the music a bit to try to make it sound a bit less harsh.

V1.0 notes -- 12/20/2019
This came out of wanting to see if the Apple II could do the effect found in the 2018 "HAPPY CHIPPIE XMAS" demo by ThePetsMode. In the end it was sort of possible, but it might look cooler in a 40x96 mode.

The music is "jingle.xm" by Michu, downconverted to a PT3 file.

It's a single scene, running at 30Hz. It uses vapor lock and cycle counting to get some unusual things on the Apple II display. On original Apple II/II+ there are some screen glitches. This is because the older hardware really doesn't like switching from GR to HGR mid-screen. Also the graphics hardware timing is 1-cycle different on II+ vs IIe so I really should be detecting and patching the code to account for this. I am too lazy to try to fix that, so you will see the glitch:

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