AppleIIbot 280 char Applesoft Demos


Kay Savetz set up the Apple II bot which lives on twitter and will take a 280 character tweet you send it and run it in Applesoft BASIC on an Apple II emulator.

Of course this led to a lot of fun, and a bit of a rush to see if we could do more interesting things than the already existing Atari 8-bit and BBC Micro bots. Below are some of the programs I came up with and some explanations of the techniques used.

List of Exciting 280-char BASIC programs (106 and counting)

There were too many of them to list on one page, so I have broken things out into multiple pages.

The Demosplash Demo

I took some of these programs, wrote an assembly language wrapper that can start/stop BASIC programs, added some music and graphics, and came up with a Demoscene Demo that won 1st place for retro demos at the Demosplash 2020 demo party.

You can read more about that here or here.

Frequent Questions

Code/Tool Availability

The code and utilities I used to make these can be found on github:

A disk image for use in an emulator (or real hardware!) can be found here: appleiibot.dsk (140k)

You can in theory try out the above in an in-browser emulator at the internet archive here: appleiibot at internet archive

The Future

So am I done for now?

Definitely not, however I have some other projects I need to finish up which will take priority. It's been fun so far!

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