Talbot Fantasy 7


What you've always wanted, a poorly done FF7 clone for the Apple II.

Again, this is more of a demo than a game. I was putting together ym5 music files for my chiptune player and came across some FF7 sheet music for "Highwind Takes to the Skies" and "Still More Fighting". And as often happens, one thing leads to another.


For some reason there is a faq.


How it Works

It's coded up in 6502 assembly this time. Which is a pain, especially if you are trying to operate on 16-bit values.

The sound routine is the famous Electric Duet routine made by Paul Lutus. Getting pretty sound of an Apple II is hard, as you are more or less bitbanging a speaker from the CPU. No SID chip or programmable timer here.

The sound files are made with a custom tracker I made for my AY-3-8910 chiptune player (as you could get AY-3-8910 based soudcards for the Appe II).

Getting the Code

This is mostly a placeholder, but the source code can be found in my dos33fsutils github repository. More to come hopefully.

Will post an Apple II disk image eventually. There's also a Linux version, build it in the gr-sim directory of the dos33fsutils. You will need SDL-1.2-devel installed.

Inside Jokes

Sorry, this is a semi-autobiographical game and there are a lot of inside jokes from my undergrad and high school years (roughly 1995-1998).

Many many years ago, a group of us lived deep in the basement of Talbot Hall. One of the roommates (who is now fairly prominent at Firaxis) was not an Engineering/CS major and thus had time to play video games. So we lived vicariously through him as he played through FF7. A picture of me as a FF7 character was drawn on a whiteboard, and that got scanned in and is the basis for the character in this particular version.

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