KSP for Apple II

Note, this project is just for fun and is in no way endorsed by Squad, etc.

While attempting to travel to the future to get a bug-free version of KSP I accidentally traveled to alternate-1987 and obtained a copy of KSP for the Apple II!


See the video where I give it a playthrough:


disk picture appleII ksp screenshot appleII ksp screenshot

Pictures from complete orbits on actual hardware (not emulator). This is the before/after of the orbit I was *trying* to make in the video but I did a poor job of it.

The Hardware

My lovely Apple II gaming rig. You'll note the NTSC composite/VGA converter I have doesn't really do the best job. Inside you'll see that I have a cffa3000 storage solution, an uthernet II ethernet card, and a super-serial card.

Disk Image

The disk image is available here, you can play it on your Apple II, your favorite emulator, or even in an online emulator

Source Code

Ksp-appleII is written mostly in Applesoft BASIC. The full source code can be found as part of my apple II dos33fs utilities under games/ksp:
git clone https://github.com/deater/dos33fsprogs

The source code (pre-tokenization) can be seen here if you're curious: ksp.bas.txt (12k)

Playing the Game

You can possibly play the game in your browser at the internet archive: Kerbal Space Program for Apple II at Internet Archive


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