The Monkey Island Intro / Brief Gameplay on Apple II

The intro from The Secret of Monkey Island™ and some proof-of-concept Gameplay in Apple II Lores Graphics


I had a half-finished project of getting the Monkey Island theme song playing on my Apple II with Mockingboard Music. I finally implemented that, and then of course started wondering how hard it would be to get a proof-of-concept of the gameplay going.

The game engine is a hack of the one from the Myst Demake which itself is a hack of the Another World Demake.

It is unlikely I'll do much more with this, it is a complex game, much more so than Myst. To do things properly I'd need to make a SCUMMVM parser for Apple II, and while that's probably possible (there were earlier SCUMM games released for Apple II) it's not something I plan on doing right now.


This project targets a 48k Apple II+ system from 1979 with a 1MHz 6502 processor. It is written in 6502 assembly language. The current total size of the assembled code is ~32k (1k for loader, 7k for the intro, 22k for the game). The intro itself takes nearly the full 48k to run as the YM sound data decompresses to 30k in size.

You move the cursor around and click on things. Objects, or nouns, have callbacks for the 9 verbs you can use on them. Walking around is not implemented well as each room has irregular areas you can walk to. Also there are foreground and background graphic layers that must be applied in the right order.

The graphics were traced from screenshots from the VGA game, much in the same way the Myst demake was done.

Yes, you can do better than Lores. The original game had a CGA release and Apple II hires isn't that much worse than that mode. I just like lores graphics.


I didn't write the AY-3-8910 version of the theme.

The theme is by EPYTEOR/SUTEKH/STARKOS who wrote it as part of an Amstrad CPC demo


Capture of the full thing as of version 0.07. Captured on AppleWin as it's a huge pain trying to record the music off of my real hardware.

Capture of an older version on an actual Apple IIe. Sorry for the horrible sound quality, my capture board doesn't like the Mockingboard output and I've yet to find a good way to get high-quality recordings from it.


These are taken with the AppleWin emulator.

System Requirements


Disk Images


How to Play

The best way of course is on actual Apple II hardware.

You can in theory play in your browser at the internet archive: Apple II Monkey Island at Internet Archive

Barring that, you can download the images above and run in an emulator. If you're on Windows (or Linux using wine) I recommend AppleWin.

Another browser-based option is uploading the images into Apple ][js


To move the "pointer" use the arrow keys or WASD (your emulator might not support up/down arrow as the original Apple II didn't have them).

Use enter or space to move or for action.

The boot screen gives the list of keyboard shortcuts for the commands if you get tired of having to click on them at the bottom.



Pre-emptive Short Answers to Common Questions

Development Notes

28 October 2020 -- Release v0.08

Minor fix, joystick wasn't disabled by default so the cursor could go missing if you weren't expecting it. Part of testing on MAME. In theory the new 0.226 should fix the GR page2 graphics bug, but I'm too lazy to compile it and the debian version is still at 0.225.

20 October 2020 -- Release v0.07

Recording the playthrough and realized the map was broken. Oops. Mostly fixed now.

20 October 2020 -- Release v0.06

Finally finished hooking up the Scumm Bar. Also added the first cut scene, and a chapter transition (with mockingboard music! Though it was a struggle and I'm still not happy with how the music turned out).

18 October 2020 -- Release v0.05

You can now pick up items, though only two, and you can't actually do anything with them.

13 October 2020 -- Release v0.04

Was distracted for a bit by the AppleIIbot on twitter.

A lot of hassle allowing you to walk into the distance. Finally have all rooms hooked up again, plus some animations.

29 September 2020 -- Release v0.03

Just slowly adding some locations.

19 September 2020 -- Release v0.02

Second release. Co-incidentally "Talk Like a Pirate Day"

Added town and map.

Trying to get a recording on actual hardware but my video capture card thinks the Mockingboard line out is too loud and clips and I don't have any other easy option for recording things. I'd just use a microphone to record the TV output but my family is so loud I can't get a capture without them drowning it out.

18 September 2020 -- Release v0.01

First release.

I had partially completed code for playing the theme song through the Mockingboard, so made the intro, and then of course I had the Myst engine so I wanted to see how much I could quickly put together of the gameplay. I spent about a week on this. I code 6502 assembly to relax, you can maybe figure out from that how stressful these past few weeks have been.

The code was relatively straightforward but the noun lookup had an off-by-one error for a long time that only started causing crashes just before the release and I spent way too much time tracking it down.
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