Apple II Fancy Lores Graphics

I made a demo using a new cycle-counted 40x96 lores graphics mode. Then I was wondering how this mode would be at viewing graphics. It uses "vapor lock" (the floating bus) plus careful cycle counting to alternately display both lo-res graphics pages at once, allowing a 40x96 15-color graphics display not easily achievd on an Apple II (usually you only get 40x48).

I also made a separate mode that is only 40x48, but switches every scan line to give a dithered or interlaced mode, providing in theory roughly 100 or so dithered colors in 40x192 mode (but with each color lasting for 4 scalines, so 40x48 in effect).

For now you can get the disk image here: fancy_lores_viewer.dsk (140k) 25 July 2018

The souce code can be found on github in the repository in the vaporlock/fancy_lores directory.


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