Apple II Kfest18 2K Rasterbar Demo

This is a demo I wrote in 4 days for the Hackfest at the Kansasfest conference.

It uses "vapor lock" (the floating bus) plus careful cycle counting to alternately display both lo-res graphics pages at once, allowing a 40x96 15-color graphics display not easily achievd on an Apple II (usually you only get 40x48).

It has some scrolling text, plus some rasterbars, and some simple mockingboard music if available.

You will need to run this on real hardware, or an emulator like Applewin that supports cycle-accurate graphics.

Note: I did accomplish most of what I wanted, but for unknown reasons the vapor lock occasionally fails. Reboot until you get non-glitchy graphics. Also I haven't tested on real hardware yet (well I tried, but everyone at KFest has weird accelerator video/CPU boards which mess with things. Nothing likes Lores Page2)

More info later. For now you can get the disk image here: kfest18.dsk (140k) 21 July 2018

The souce code can be found on github in the repository in the demos/kfest18 directory.


Video captured on my Apple IIe Platinum:


Frequently Asked Questions

Some commonly asked questions are answered here.

Development Log

I didn't really keep one, but you can look at the github commits if you want. They're mixed in with my last-minute-panic working on my KFest slides which I presented with an Apple II and are also in that github repository.

Here I was starting on Wednesday with just "TEXT / HOME":

And here I am finishing at 1am (2am Eastern) early Saturday morning:

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