Early April near Buffalo NY

or: A Very Cold Way to Spend Spring Break

I went with some friends from UDel on a spring-break trip to the far northern wastelands. Despite it being 65 and sunny when leaving MD, it was cold and snowing lightly most of the time in NY state. We stayed at Kris's grandfather's house, and sampled many of the sites and especially the food of the greater-Buffalo area.
We went to a medium-sized waterfall near Lockport, where there was a seemingly rickety bridge swaying lowly over a raging torrent. I would love to have pictures of that muddy adventure, but forgot to take my camera.
Pictures of the American Falls
Pictures from near Goat's Island
Pictures from the Niagra Gorge
Pictures of Kris and I
Picture of Marie with a Box on her Head
We saw another waterfall, plus visited the family farm and did some hiking there. Alas, again I did not bring a camera.
Picture proving we got about 2" of snow our last day there.
We then traveled home on a long convoluted route via State College PA. And now I am home and have to go back to work.
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