Metro Cat came to the attention of the residents of 0101 Talbot Hall when he appeared on the front of the Washington Post's Metro section.

For a while he only stood sentinel as a door decoration. But when the SGA elections came around, he sprung into action.

The SGA at the University of Maryland was widely viewed with suspicion. It seemed to be used primarily as a resume padding experience for those involved. Their only real "task" was to distribute student funds. And in a huge conflict of interest they often "legislated" themselves large amounts of money for fancy retreats and placards and the like.

So in 1999 and again in 2000 Ken and I ran "Metro Cat" for SGA President via the write-in ballot. We were so successful that the powers-that-be disabled write-in voting. Most of the support was from posters made by Ken, word of mouth, letters to the editor, grass-root support, and um.wam postings.

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Alas Metro Cat was unsuccessful, but he hopes that one day the tyranny of the SGA will be overthrown.

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