Vince's Trans-continental Trip

17 May 2005 - Tuesday

The week before I left was insanely busy. I had two finals and two major projects due. In addition I had to pack for this trip, and also for the move to my new apartment upon my return.

The morning of the 17th I had a 9am final. After that I dropped off the completed take-home final, closed out my office (the CSL group is moving buildings over the summer so I had to pack that up too) and hit the road. I was not finished with the writeup for the other final project; I ended up doing that on-the-road while Kristina was driving.

I don't have any exciting pictures from this day, and I know everyone is really here for the pictures. Here's an interesting picture from a few weeks before. What you are seeing is a weird form of precipitation known as graupel . It's not hail or sleet, but something similar. It was quite noisy and it was coating the ground before it melted.

0 Miles - Left Ithaca, New York

63 Miles - Arrived Pennsylvania

I took US-15 to Harrisburg. Lots of construction.

259 Miles - Arrived Maryland

291 Miles - Arrived Joppatowne, Maryland
Visited with my family a bit, sadly not for long because I had left Ithaca later than originally planned.

298 Miles - Arrived Abingdon, Maryland
Stopped for the night at Kristina's apartment.

Day 0 - 298 Miles Traveled, 298 Miles Total

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