Deater plays Stardew Valley

I didn't expect to play this for quite so long. I started playing it when I had Covid. I ended up with brain-fog and it was one of the things I could do while in that state. After playing it off and on for a year I did manage to get to perfection.

Sometimes when I play a game I'll do one of those give humorous commentary along with screenshots thing. I apparently wasn't up to that this time so in this case you'll have to make to with an after-the-fact summary.

Here's my family. Yes I married Penny after spending a lot of time hiking to the trailer and back. I think I managed to get all hearts with Pam before I managed to with Penny. Anyway apparently I have a thing for women who like to read and have Fall birthdays. Toddler Zurgtroyd and Baby XenonWW are disturbingly frozen in time, forever.

I tried lots of random things at the fair. This time at the last minute I thought I'd try with some high-quality dinosaur eggs. Didn't work though.

Here's a tour of our place. Here's the aquarium room. The kids like to zip around smashing into things, but luckily they haven't managed to kill the fish (or vice versa):

Trying to teach toddler Z. the family business of black-market starfruit wine:

We age it in the basement. As you can guess I got the plan for the optimal layout from the wiki.

The kid's room. The random plant in the middle of the floor is Penny's doing. Don't ask about the jack-o-lanterns.

The kids like to randomly stay up past midnight and this doesn't seem to bother Penny at all. You'll notice in the kitchen I have many refrigerators. This drives my real-life daughter nuts. Also my real life son who is annoyed they are packed with food that I refuse to sell just in case.

A tour of the grounds.

Penny enjoying her reading. Honestly it's less trouble than when she tries to water things or fix the fences.

I'm on the tree map so lots of trees everywhere. Right now a lot of land is in production because I recently finished the Qi Bean quest and so didn't want all the sprinklers to go to waste. The area near these giant vegetables was devastated by an accidental explosion in the not-too-distant past, destroying my only alien scarecrow.

There are a lot of extraneous flames around as I was finishing crafting everything. I also eventually figured out that random items make better fences than actual fencing. I had to buy a horse whistle because the giant melon blocked my path to the stable and I didn't want to destroy it (or move the stable)

I went through a lot of trouble to get lava eels for the one pond because I wanted it to glow at night. In the end it wasn't as cool as I thought it would be.

I was thinking about putting this Ginger Island Beach Home on the market. it has a lovely bedroom:

And a guestroom with some overflow sleeping:

A large living room. Don't mind the slimes.

Outdoors you'll find a *lot* of ancient fruit. This was my plan to hit 10 million gold. It worked in the end, but possibly wasn't any faster than the blueberry field it replaced. Fruit is ready on Mondays and Fridays.

There's also some blueberries, cranberries, and fruit trees if you prefer:

One step away from perfection! Hit 10 million gold. Overnight an explosion happened, which at first I thought was related but I think it was just a co-incidence.

Now it's time to buy a clock...

And we did it! Lo hicimos!

Had to wait until the kids were around as they wanted to watch. And the steam screenshot button had some issues with the animations.

I'm not sure how Penny beat me to the top, and if it was really the best idea to leave the kids behind to be watched over by a dinosaur, tiger slime, and a tank full of legendary fish.

I think this was the cover to a Beatles album:

Nice to see grandpa! I hope he's giving me a thumbs up here and not a different hand gesture.

And then after that was fairly anti-climatic though I guess I don't have to obsessively pick the ancient fruit anymore. Embarassed to admit we had to look in the wiki to findout where we had to pick up the prismatic shard statue.

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