Spring 2008 - Continued

Since this is Ithaca, the arrival of April simply meant more snow. The storm we got was the biggest of the year, even though it really wasn't much at all:
April Snow

Here are some more signs from Cornell. I wonder if this one actually works:
Snow Here

Finally, in mid April, flowers were coming up! Maybe Spring would come after all! I think these are crocuses:

And these are snowdrops, though sadly I couldn't find any actually poking through any snow:
Snow Drops

I'm not sure why this tree is particular is being protected, but I approve:

Tree Protection Zone

Here's a nice view of Rhodes and Upson Hall. My office is hidden away in a dark corner (though we do have a window, which is more than some grad students can say):
Office in Upson hall

One day, a giant balloon carbon nanotube appeared in Duffield Hall. I'm not sure why. Beneath it you can see the Phoenix from Dragon Day
Giant Balloon Nanotube

I've often bored you with pictures of turkeys, but I finally managed to get some (admittedly low quality) pictures of them when they are on display:
wild turkeys
wild turkeys

Sometimes we see some beautiful sunsets out of our window:
beautiful sunset

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