Spring 2008 - Hikes

The weather is being unseasonably nice here in Ithaca. Kristina and I went to a book sale in Trumansburg (actually, at the Ulysses Philomathic Library), and then we went to Taughannock Park. The rim trail was open, so we took that. Here's a view of the upper falls, with snow still in the gorge:
upper taughannock falls

Here's a view of the main falls from above:

We walked down to the shore of Cayuga Lake. It was very clear and blue that day:
Cayuga Lake

Here's where we walked:
Taughannock GPS

The following week Kristina and I went to Dryden and walked the Spanish and Irvin Loop Trails, which are spurs off of the Finger lakes trail.

One of the spurs took you to a narrow valley that had a small waterfall: Irvin Valley

The end of the one trail was labeled "Natural Bridge" on the map, which sounded exciting. When we got there it turned out that the natural bridge was where the small creek went under a tree, and the tree had died long ago so now it is just a stump:
Irvin Natural Bridge

Here's where we walked. The GPS had trouble getting signal in the narrow valley:
Spanish Irvin GPS

The weather was lovely but a bit windy, but we had a picnic lunch at Dryden Lake anyway:
Dryden Lake Picnic

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