More Rescue Failures

A rescue mission for the rescue mission for the first Munar landers was launched. You may recall they got stuck with not quite enough thrust to return to Kerbin.

Here's the launch, with an attempt at building a claw on the front so in theory we could push the stranded craft into a re-entry orbit.

Wow, matching orbits is hard. Especially the weird inclined orbit they are in.

Out of fuel! Fredmy had to abort this and return home for another try.

The next attempt failed too.

The rocket was upgraded with beefier engines, and that helped. Finally we matched orbits! Due to a miscalculation though the claw on front isn't big enough to grab the ship, and also we are out of RCS fuel so maneuvering is next to impossible!

We also had 4 kerbals to rescue but only three seats free. Hmmm. And poor Herory was on the ladder when we started an orbital maneuver, and let go and got spun off into space! Luckily he had enough fuel in his jetpack to get back to the other ship and await future rescue.

The brave explorers doing a night re-entry:

They returned safely to a water landing!

So now we're down to 5 Kerbals needing rescued.
  1. Jeb is in a Kerbol orbit. I used the last of his thrust in an attempt to at least get it inclined with the ecliptic.
  2. Bob was also in Kerbol orbit. There was enough thrust to attempt a swing by Duna, but he just missed. You can see it as a little red blob there at closest approach.
  3. Two Kerbals from previous rescue attempts stuck in an eccentric Kerbin orbit.
  4. One Kerbal stuck on the moon as part of an aborted rescue attempt. He almost got rescued, but at 22km away he didn't have the rocket pack fuel to meet up with the others.

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