Jeb's Escape from Ike

Well Jeb is stranded on Ike, so at great expense Herory was sent on a rescue mission with a hopefully better designed rover system.

Oops the next launch window isn't for a year or so, sorry about that Herory.

Finally leaving Kerbin:

And we made it pretty close to expected ΔV.

Hmmm lack of planning, how can we fuel efficiently get down to pick up Jeb? Then we remember the rover has a probe core and technically it is connected to the top half of the ship. And we have command chairs on the bottom half... so sorry Herory, you're going to have to EVA and sit on the outside.

Split the ship in two!

Remote control landing on Ike:

After some hopping got close enough for Jeb to walk to (he was out of EVA fuel).

OK Jeb, now to rendezvous with Herory and to head back to Kerbin!

Wait! Jeb! What are you doing now! Duna aerobraking?

I guess Jeb really wanted to explore Duna some more:

Well that sort of worked:

Righting the rover with RCS didn't go that great. What the heck is wrong with those front wheels. It's still mostly drivable, so Jeb is happy.

Well grumpy Herory, left in Ike orbit, is a bit annoyed by this turn of events. Let's find a window back to Kerbin. Wait, ejection angle NaN? That can't be good...

Well let's try anyway...

We made it back to Kerbin though with less fuel than we might like.

Since he lacked parachutes (oops) Herory decided not to go back to Kerbin afterfall! He wants to visit his cousin Adbree who is stranded on the Mun!

The landing is going poorly though, there's a huge canyon, this half of the ship has no SAS (oops again) and we ran out of RCS fuel halfway down! Can we land solely using engine gimbals? No! Herory had to bail out and land using his EVA suit!

He managed to survive, but it's a 25km walk. It's a good thing he has some suit RCS left.

Let's hope Adbree is up for visitors:

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