Kids playing Kerbal

The kids are always interested in computer games, and the middle one has developed an unhealthy rocket obsession. Every day he asks "rockets"? So we play on the weekend when we can.

My playing style is a lot more random than with my main save file. Also the flying often has to be done with a pile of kids on my arm and a toddler pushing random buttons. A different set of challenges.

Also the oldest thinks the game is "boring" when in "dots and lines" mode. So we have a lot of launches and not many maneuver nodes.

Here's a successful mun landing:

Some of the rockets aren't very well designed.

Which of course doesn't end well.

Driving a rover around was fun, until we got it stuck in the pool.

This ship has 21 Kerbals on it! Why? I don't know.

It looks pretty cool though. They're out of fuel now, so not sure what the point of that mission was.

The middle one really likes space shuttles. I can never get the demo one to orbit (becomes unstable during the gravity turn). My attempts to land it at the emergency airstrip never go well.

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