Kids on Duna

Well the kids wanted to fly to Duna. Let's see what we can do.

Let's modify the 21-kerbal hexi-ship to only have 3 Kerbals.

Separation! Would have been cooler if we didn't have the staging wrong.

Didn't really think we'd have enough ΔV. Had a lucky encounter after swinging by Eve.

I guess we better retract those solar panels if we're going to do this.

This probably isn't going to end well.

Well the parachutes deploying ripped off half our ship, including all of our propellant and ascent rockets. Hmmm.

We did land, though with some minor fireworks as the remaining separator exploded.


We could see that part of our missing ship was only 2 km away, so a curious Kerbal decided to walk and see if it could be salvaged.

He found this giant inanimate carbon rod, even though it wasn't what we were being guided to.

And all that remains of the rest of our ship is one landing leg. Hmmm.