Jeb on Duna

After Jeb's rescue from deep space, the trip to Duna was almost a bit too easy.

Here's Jeb taking off in a Duna-craft created out of a hastily modified rescue craft (it's less nuclear and has a rover attached).

Let's throw together a Porkchop Chart.

Hmmm the next launch window is almost 2 years away. Guess we should have checked that *before* launch. Well, Jeb is used to living in cramped spaces.

And what do you know, the launch window wasn't that bad, although by eyeballing it we used a lot more ΔV than the theoretical minimum.

Oops we probably should have tied the rover on a bit tighter. I guess Jeb won't be driving anywhere fun.

There it is, Duna and Ike!

Ike and Kerbol rising at the same time:


Coming in for a landing, careful to not land on the ice cap.

We landed! Sort of!

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