Duna Adventure

Well Jeb is down exploring Duna, but it would be more convenient if he had that rover that broke off during Duna insertion.

Luckily it had a probe core on it, and lots of RCS fuel. Would it be possible to land it?

Let's investigate. First problem is the solar panel is not facing the sun! Though it is for part of the orbit, so with careful toggling of the batteries we can have power to turn RCS on at the proper time.

Aerobraking slowed us a bit, including a pass past Ike:

Entering the atmosphere. Wish we had a parachute.

Well that didn't end well.

Well Jeb's tired of Duna, so he takes one last look around. Then he tries to get in... but a parachute is blocking the hatch? How did you even get out, Jeb? I guess you'll have to ride on the outside.

I guess the landing was a bit hard, the one lander leg is broken and won't retract. We did have enough fuel to make it to orbit though.

Not enough to retur to Kerbin! Jeb I guess you're stuck waiting for rescue...

Wait, Jeb, what are you doing? Heading for Ike? You're that bored?

Well now you're on a collision course but you're out of fuel. Now what?

Wait, Jeb, are you nuts? I don't think this is a good idea!

It is unclear to me how he survived that, but here he is, Jebediah Kerman, first Kerbal on Ike.

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