Year 12: Final Rescues

There are a huge number of missions in flight, and a big gap until anything happened. We decided it was worth fast-forwarding a bit rather than undertaking any more local missions.

Merrey's 2-year rescue mission to Ike finally made it!

We were retrograde of course. Here we are going prograde by whipping around Ike, but that might have been wasted delta-V as our castaways are somehow in a polar orbit.

Frednard, Corbin, and Bob seem less than excited that they might finally get away from Ike after all this time and previous failed rescues.

And we docked! Hooray! Now should we try to push them somewhere better, or else unload some fuel and let them figure out their own course? For now they are going to stay parked because a lot of other events are happening right around now.

Moho Return

Could it be? After lots and lots of orbits Robert Kerman has returned from his ill-fated Moho flyby?

We had to cut away for a bit because Desktop Kerman (on his own ill-fated Moho trip) needed some course adjustments. All of his fuel and most of his RCS were used to send him to Eve.

Back to Robert. He's coming in too fast, 5000m/s with a periapsis of only 10,000m due to poor piloting! Maybe we can use part of our ship as a heat shield? Boom! Spectacular explosion, it took KSP about a full minute to process these 5 seconds of explosions.

Captain's Log: a bunch of my ship fell off and nobody likes me.
Still coming in fast but maybe we'll make it?

Success! Although a panic for a minute as the corner of the parachutes were somehow stuck in the cargo bay so we had to open it quick and manually deploy.

Wow, 15 experience, Robert is the first Kerbal to return from deep space in well... forever. That's partly where all our funds have gone. Our most important asset is Kerbals. Kerbals and struts.
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