Year 13: Yet More Launches

After all those rescues it was time to check up on my list of upcoming events. Next up, Eeelo Probe Perapsis. I must have written the date wrong though because we were well past perapsis! So wasted some fuel to circularize because we didn't want to wait another 400 days to come around again.

So got some nice science but probably not enough fuel left to attempt a landing.

Next on the agenda, Jool launch window! We had plans for a really exotic multi-part lander but in the end we didn't have the time or money to come up with something that great. So it turned into a modified Moho lander with a larger crew compartment so the Kerbals have some room to stretch out.

We're sending Robert (just back from Moho flyby) on this mission, and recruited new Scientist Viremma.

Why are these launches now destroying the launchpad? Fixing things at 64k a pop is getting old.

I was even more happy than Viremma when we *finally* docked for refueling. Ugh that is a pain. Was almost tempted to try to launch without topping off.

We had recently unlocked the scanner, so thought I'd try to use up any excess fuel on the refueler to do some scanning at Kerbin. Wait, needs to be in a polar orbit? *sigh* How close can we get? Turns out the answer is not close enough.

Well let's launch for Jool. Have fun! We'll see you guys again in 2 years.

Meanwhile on Moho

Now let's check in on Odorous who is attempt #3 at a Moho landing. Let's do an *extreme* insertion burn.

Hmmm wow this is a lot of delta-V. Let's use the nukes too.

Hmmm is the ship supposed to glow red like that? Maybe nuclear was a bad idea. Let's throttle down and put off the circularization. But meanwhile, we made it to Moho orbit! Finally!

We're making progress here! And getting into Moho orbit gave us some much needed contract money.

What's next on the list. How are things going on our Ike rescue mission? Can you guys hang in there a bit longer? Let's ask Bob.

Hmmm that bad huh? Well sorry to break it to you, you might have to wait a few more weeks.


Around this time the little KSP engineers in the family wanted to play a bit. They had been building LEGO spaceships (for "Kermals" as they call them) and wanted to see the ship in-game.

I tried to warn them against a spaceplane, but that is what they wanted. Not too pricy, but recruiting Daphty Kerman there cost a pretty penny.

"Look she's flying fancy tricks!" they said. Yes, let's go with that theory.

I've learned that parachutes are always a good idea no matter what you are planning to do with the craft.

About this time I realized it would be good to start a separate sandbox game. Which proved to be a good idea:

No, we're not going to space today.

Anyway soon it was bedtime so we could get back to our missions currently in progress.
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