Closing Out Year 12

Headquarters decided it might be finally time to rescue Jeb pick up Jeb from his 5-year deep-space mission. Macie Kerman was recruited and sent on her way:

Going nuclear! We wasted a lot of fuel overshooting and then having to do a correction (should always do firings from the orbital map I suppose). I'm not convinced we have enough delta-V left, but we'll see how it goes.

Meanwhile another attempt at Moho failed. Way too little Delta-V. Here's Desktop Kerman taking an ill-advised EVA to wave at Moho as it goes past.

At the same time our Eelo probe finally made it! Sort of! The SoI is out so far we can't even see Eelo, and once we made orbit it turned out it would take 200+ days until we hit perapsis?

Back to see if we can get Desktop back to Kerbin? Or anywhere? Inner-system missions are hard.

Yes, see now we're nearly out of delta-V and down to two engines. Really should have put fuel lines on this one, as trying to tank-transfer small amounts of fuel is impossible. Desktop might be headed for Eve at this juncture.

One more try at Moho

We're actually running low on funds here, and we're not getting any good contracts from mission control. Let's make one last run at Moho. We're hiring Odorous Kerman here, and this time sending up a refueller probe to top off his delta-V. We also remembered to leave off the oxidizer from the nuclear stage.

After a lot of hassle we docked the refueler:

We're Moho bound! From Kerbin it's up but to Moho it's down.

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