Year 16: Further Mun Roving

why do our bases always end up looking like junkheaps

Last time we left off with Madchell at the top of Mt. Daphty. It's a long way down to get back to the rover, she notes.

Hmmm, maybe skiing down wasn't the best approach.

Well we missed the rover and skidded for a long way, with some impressive acrobatics, until we finally stopped at the bottom of a nearby crater.

This is much better.

They decided to drive the long-way around. Until they took a turn too fast at 20m/s and exploded to bits.

Luckily we had a quicksave, though upon loading the wheels exploded and shot us way into the air. We took advantage of this and fired off the rockets and flew to within 1km of the base.

OK Madchell, fix those wheels and we can be on our way.

We made it the rest of the way to the base expansion more or less uneventfully:

Madchell spent a lot of time trying to fix the small rover, but no luck. It's pretty much a hopeless case.

We then topped off the rover tanks from the expansion (thanks ore converters) and decided to go see what was up at Tranquility base 1.6km away.

You might recall Tranquility base looks like this:

Well it did until we hit it a bit too enthusiastically when trying to attach to it. Oops. That's what you get for letting a ghost drive your rover. Now what.

All attempts at getting it upright failed. Hmmm. If we can't get the expansion here, there's no reason we can't take the base to the expansion. Let's see how hard it is to push this thing:

We need rocket assist to get going, and it's hard to steer, but as long as we keep it under 7m/s it pushed along without many incidents. Herely and the science twins seem to be enjoying the ride.

We even managed to dock! Contract Complete!

I am a bit jealous of everyone who has amazing looking bases though. Mine always end up looking like junkheaps. Although maybe it doesn't look quite so bad from the other side.

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