Year 16: Ore Losers

Well we asked the folks in the tracking station if there were any launch windows coming up, for planning purposes. None for a few years, they answered, except, oh yeah, the Jool window is *right now*.

So we threw together a Jool ship to rescue our stranded Pol-flyby crew. That ate up way more funds than I would have hoped for, I should probably scale back from the Mammoth engines, they are so expensive!

I had intended to launch a second ship with some ore mining equipment that way we could have some self-sufficient exploration there, but just didn't have the funds :(

Anyway the Jool rescue rocket is off. After that incident at the astronaut complex it was decided that Luzor could use a "vacation" in the outer systems.

See you in a few years!

Now let's see what contracts we can salvage with limited funds. 400 ore from the Mun, how bad could that be? Making do with as small a ship as possible, and it's robot-crewed as we're out of ghost pilots.

To the Mun!

Of course we're landing in the pitch dark. Suddenly weird messages flash by? What about ore? I guess maybe we're within 2.2km of the base, but how do they know we're coming for ore, did we radio ahead?

The landing was difficult but we managed it despite the hill. Once morning comes we see we're on the side of Mt. Daphty.

A few hops closer, and then the rover came and picked us up.

After some major hassle we got docked with the base and started loading ore, oxidizer, and fuel.

The rover backed us up for launch. We're taking Valentina back, leaving Herely in charge atop the tower of power. We're also taking one of the science twins, in the hope of leveling her up.

There she is taking a break from gathering science from the instruments (as the bottom part of the ship is going to be ejected before landing on Kerbin):

On our way back:

Coming in a little fast... 10m/s. Uh oh. Hold tight everyone!

The kerbals survived! A little upside down, but that should be OK. But wait... the ore? What happened to our ore? Noooooooooooooo!

It looks like the ore containers exploded on impact and now our ore is at the bottom of the ocean. Not our finest moment.

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