Year 16: Mun Patrol

with special guest, the ghost of Daphty

Well after some trying it seems like it's going to be a pain connecting our 1.6km apart Munbases. Things might be easier if we had some way of transporting fuel between them, so we decided to design a fuel-delivery rover.

After a costly upgrade to the spaceplane hangar, here's our first try:

It quickly fell apart at soon as Luzor tried to go off-roading in it:

The next try didn't fare much better. And a scientist can't fix flats. Wait, why are we test-driving with a scientist anyway?

Finally with some more clearance and a few struts we can drive around no problem. Luzor looks like an evil supervillain in that outfit and lighting. Mua-ha-ha-ha the others in the astronaut complex will not expect the late-night exploits of Lex Luzor!

Needless to say after that incident it was decided that Luzor would not be delivering the rocket to the Mun. We need an engineer up there to help with the drilling anyway, so Mädchen Madchell it is.

Here she is blasting into the sky, I hope there's enough fuel as we eyeballed it rather than rocket-equationing it. The pilot seat is left vacant as a memorial to poor Daphty Kerman.

Wait! Ahhh! The ghost of Daphty! What's she doing here? Did I forget to click "no ghostly specters from beyond" when setting up career mode? Or maybe Madchell is hallucinating. Whatever. Ghostly Daphty you can stay if you're still capable of operating the SAS.

Fuel seems to be OK, let's see if we can land this thing close to the existing base.

We managed to land mostly OK! Though Madchell is out inspecting the flat tires.

Luckily she's a 3-star engineer and can do something about it:

For some reason the theme music from the Apple II version of Moon Patrol is going through my head about now.

We're only 10km from base, we can do this! Road trip!

Um wait, why is there a gigantic mountain in the way? Well how bad can it be?

We might as well go to the top. Madchell has declared this Mt. Daphty. Sorry for the poor lighting, apparently it was about noon when we got there.

It's hard to see but there are at least two giant valleys and some other unfortunate terrain on the direct route. Hmmm. Do we drive around the long way? Or do we tempt fate and take a running leap off the mountain and fly there with the rest of our rocket fuel?

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