Rescuing Jeb and Valentina

We finally had enough science that our engineers thought we could send a Kerbal to the Mun and back! Not because it is easy, but because it is hard! Or something like that.

There were some concerns due to all our probes falling on their sides. Maybe it's the pilot's fault! And which pilots are already in trouble for getting stuck in orbit, so getting in more trouble won't bother them? Why Jeb and Valentina of course! (Valentina hates it if you shorten her name to just "Val" so we won't).

Let's send Bill and Corbin up the rescue Jeb first, as his orbit is lower. This is a stock Munar-orbiter.

Can't seem to get closer than a few hundred meters (no RCS), sorry Jeb you're going to have to EVA over.

He did it! Well it took a bit, as he couldn't find the hatch (is there one?) to the crew compartment. Or at least he claimed he couldn't, so he made Corbin transfter there, and oh look now he accidentally gets to pilot things back to the ground.

I must say though he is really enjoying this more than the others.

Now let's rescue Valentina! We'll send Jeb and Bob this time.

We had a lot of trouble matching orbits, almost ran out of fuel. In a desperate move Valentina is going to attempt a 10km EVA.

It worked!

It's impressive she made it back, as the flight director had young ones jumping around and constantly jogging his important steering arm.

Now that we have pilots, let's visit some astronomical bodies!
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