Landing on the Mun and Minmus

With some of our unlocked science let's build a bigger rocket. No equations this time, let's just eyeball it. You'll notice we had some trouble with the separators, nothing a few struts can't fix.

Here we go, Jeb to the moon!

Munar insertion burn:

Somehow we made it!

Against all odds, a vertical landing! And Jeb made it down despite the ladder being on the wrong side.

Sadly it was soon time to head back. We were a bit low on propellant but it seemed worth trying.

Re-entry! Well, a long series of re-entries as we only managed to get our perapsis down to 53km so it took at least 10 aerobraking passes to finally make it back. Tedious. And by the end it wasn't clear we'd have enough ablator on our heat shield, but that turned out OK.

Meanwhile, tired of Jeb's incompetence, Valentina decided to launch a Minmus mission. Especially as she managed to get a contract to plant a flag:

It's really hard to get a Minmus encounter. Eventually did an expensive inclination burn first.

Ooh it's pretty by daylight!

Meanwhile, Jeb is still aerobraking. But hey look, you can see the space center from here!

Valentina landed, upright too! Actually landing on the flat sea is way easy, should have landed here last time.

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