Moho Landing Flyby

We thought maybe we would start running missions in parallel. Rather than dedicating years of kerbal time to fast-forwarding the end of missions, we could have a few going on at once and only switching to them at important times.

To do this we started looking at porkchop plots. And we noticed that the last good window to Moho for a long time was happening right now! So let's throw a mission together as fast as we can.

We used some of our new tech, and optimistically put a heatshield and parachutes on our lander. Of course we could make it to Moho, land, and get back!

Obviously we forgot the challenges of inner-system orbits.

Here's Robert Kerman (no relation to Bob, don't ask him, he gets annoyed) at liftoff:

Still having trouble with rocket design, we waste too much fuel just getting to orbit.

Another nice Korolev cross. The "Poodle" engine has nice ISP but takes *forever* to get anywhere. Hmmm.

Trying to find an encounter. In the end we set the perapsis close and then did an expensive plane shift at the ascending node.

Which meant of course not nearly enough propellant to enter orbit! Had to settle for a flyby. It did get us a decent amount of science. We were so busy collecting science we almost forgot to look out the window, here's the only shot we got while close:

The Junior scientists at my side were very sad that Robert was all alone on this mission. We decided to use the accumulated science to research 3-seat capsules to make it easier to have non-lonely missions in the future.

Now in theory Robert has enough fuel to make in back to Kerbin, but not sure when the orbits will align to allow that to happen.

Meanwhile we have a contract to upgrake Ike Station Zebra (and maybe finally rescue Bob?) as well as a crazy plan to send some probes to Jool.

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