Assembling a Probe Fleet

We're continuing the plan of launching a lot of missions at once, hopefully preventing all the Kerbals from aging rapidly and dieing of boredom during fast-forward sessions.

First we're inadvisedly sending Bill and Detrix to Ike (it's always Ike) as part of an ill-advised IkeStationZebra expansion mission, with maybe a final rescue attempt for Bob and past rescuers. Off they go!

Next in launch window order is the Jool probe suite. There are 4 sub-probes on this one, in theory we will try to get at least flybys of all the moons. Extensive rocket-equation calculations were done on this, hopefully there's enough deltaV there:

Just to be safe, let's launch a refueling rocket and top off the Jool probe:

Hmmm forgot to open the solar panels while sitting on the launchpad waiting for the probe to be overhead and we ran out of electricity halfway to orbit :(

We finally made it! Maybe this won't be so bad:

Ha, it was horrible. Many many quicksaves later and we managed this:

Take that, annoying refuel ship. Though I guess I could have saved some funds by making it at least partially recoverable:

OK, let's take our standard probe, add some landing legs, and get it ready for Eelo:

Ooh, pretty:

I think Dres could use a probe too:

It's starting to get crowded up here with all these probes waiting in orbit for their launch window to open:

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