Probe Fleet, Away!

Well we've assembled a fleet of probes in orbit, let's launch them as their launch windows open.

First, we're starting to run a bit low on funds (wasting lots of money on elaborate ships, as well as hiring new kerbonauts to replace the ones who haven't been coming home). Let's take on a few contracts. Hmmm, a space station around the Mun, how bad can that be?

Wait a minute, 1000 units of monopropellant and 4000 of fuel? What are they planning? I hope not to secretly launch to Laythe while no one is looking (ala 2010). Anyway Off we go with Scientist Gwenlin and Pilot Sherbert! First a quick re-launch (needed room for 8, not 7, oops) and away they go!

There were some massive shimmies during the launch but we made it OK! Check out that view from the coupola:

Looking nice, but wait, didn't make the contract? 4000 fuel doesn't count oxidizer? What are they going to do with fuel and not oxidizer? Urgh. I guess this calls for a *sigh* refueling mission.

Can we get our refueler to Munar orbit with at least 2000 fuel left? Turns out the answer is yes and the docking wasn't anywhere as horrible as it could have been. I have to admit though this is the most ridiculous space station ever, even pulling ahead of IkeStationZebra in that metric.

Anyway, with that aside and contract fulfilled, the launch windows are opening, time to launch some probes!

First to Eelo. A big pain trying to find a window that doesn't slam right into Jool first, as right now (10 years 79 days) they are very close together.

Next our fancy extended Jool probe complex. A shame all the firings are in the dark:

Looking good and unfurling the solar panels:

There's a few weeks until the Dres window opens. Let's do some maintenance. Here's Robert hanging in there in the inner system:

Finally a burn to Dres and... wait. Can't seem to get any sort of encounter. This is not going well, lots of wasted time. Had hoped we could find one after a mid-course correction. This isn't good. We might have to give up and launch yet another probe. Oh well, 4 out of 5 isn't bad.

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