Day 6 - London (even more)

So we caught a boat on the Thames to Greenwich (pronounced Gren-itch). The boat went under Tower Bridge:
Under Tower Bridge

I had the GPS out, so here's the route we took:
On the Thames GPS

Kristina was impressed by the barges parked along the way that seemed to have gardens growing in them:
Garden Barge

We could have used one of these signs back in Maryland, after the ice cream man's 100th repetition of "Turkey in the Straw":
Itinerant Ice Cream

Trust me, a "Humped Pelican crossing" isn't as exciting as it sounds. Nor is a Zebra crossing for that matter.
Humped Pelican Crossing

We passed by the site of the Cutty Sark (the world's last tea clipper) but it was entirely encased for restoration so you couldn't actually see it.

We then climbed up a relatively big hill to the Greenwich Observatory. Note the clock behind me is a 24-hour clock.
24 hour clock greenwich

Here's my GPS showing a lot of zeros for the Longitude:
GPS at Greenwich

Here's the Observatory itself, with the ball that dropped at noon every day so the ships could synchronize their clocks:

Here I am straddling the prime meridian, half in the western hemisphere and half in the eastern:
Prime Meridian Vince

There was an interesting exhibit here on John Harrison and his marine chronometers, which vastly improved shipboard navigation in the 19th century.

From the hill you could see the Millennium Dome (people in England were apparently excited by the new millennium):
Millennium Dome

We took the boat back to Tower Hill, and then rushed a bit because we had a musical to see. We went to the Theatre Royal on Drury Lane (home of the Muffin Man) to see (don't laugh) The Lord of the Rings, the Musical. I bet you didn't know such a thing existed; just one of the consequences of having a LOTR fan along:
Theatre Royal Drury Lane

The musical wasn't bad, and had good special effects and a neat rotating stage. The theatre itself was unbearably hot, even with the souvenir hand-fans they gave us.

Afterward we walked back to the hostel, which seemed like a long way after such a busy day. Upon getting in we immediately went to sleep.
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