Day 6 - London (continued)

We got to the Tower of London, which has been many things over the past 1000 years, but is probably most famous for being a prison.

We were stuck at the end of a really long line for tickets when some semi-official college-aged guy came up and started chatting us up. We were waiting for a scam, but after asking how we were enjoying our time in England, he then told us of a place nearby to buy the tickets with no wait at all. And it worked! Weird.

Here is Traitor's Gate, where prisoners were brought in by water to be locked in the tower:
Traitor's Gate

From here you had a good view of Tower Bridge:
Tower Bridge

Here is the White Fortress, built by William the Conqueror:
William the Conqueror

You can also see The Gherkin from here, a recent addition to the London skyline:
The Gherkin

Another view of the White Fortress:
White Fortress

We went inside to see the Crown Jewels. No pictures allowed there, but here's a picture of the guard standing outside:
Crown Jewels Guard

The famous Ravens were around. Legend has it if they leave the Tower, then England will fall. Be careful, they bite:
Ravens Will Bite

I tried to get a picture of one and of course it chose that exact instant to take a bath:
Raven Bath

Here is a clear shot of one:

We went in to view the Spanish Armory. It was just like it sounded like: weapons everywhere.
Spanish Armory

Two of these are weapons and one is Henry VIII's walking stick. See if you can tell which is which:
Henry VIII walking stick

There were Yeoman Wardens around (AKA, Beefeaters):

It is annoyingly difficult to find water to drink in England. We were reduced to gathering water of questionable potability at various restroom sinks. Here we finally found some water fountains (oddly, near the site of the gallows) but they were under construction! No water for us.
Water Fountains Denied

We were finishing up with the Tower. It's now time to catch a boat to Greenwich.
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