Day 5 - Dover and Canterbury (continued)

We arrived at Canterbury and walked out of the train station directly onto a bridge that took us to the top of the old city walls:
Canterbury Walls

We stopped for supper at a Doner Kebab place. Jess decided she had enough sightseeing for the day and continued on to London. Marie, Kristina and I carried on. Here is a gate outside of the cathedral:
Canterbury Gate

We walked out to the other side of the city, and saw the ruins of St Augustine's Abbey. Like many religious sites in England, it was dismantled by Henry VIII during the reformation:
st Augustine's abbey

We went to church in the famous cathedral. Here is one view of it:
Canterbury Cathedral

Here is another view. If you look carefully you can see me standing near the door [Hey, that means I took these. Not too bad :P -K]:
Canterbury Cathedral

Church was fun. We got to sit in fancy sideways-facing pews. It was graduation for local elementary schools, so we got to sing a lot of fun (contemporary) songs. The cathedral itself was mind-bogglingly huge and fancy.

Afterwards we walked around the town a bit. Here is the Old Weavers' house (no relation, or at least I don't think so):
Old Weavers House

Here is a pretty view down the river:
River View

The last thing we saw was the old Norman castle ruins. Canterbury was the first town during the Norman Conquest to surrender without a fight. For some reason while we were there a huge group of kids (with chaperone) came in and they were flinging cricket balls and soccer balls off the walls of the old ruins. You can see them doing so in this picture:
Canterbury castle

By now it was getting dark, so we caught the train back to London. We found our new room in the hostel, and then went to sleep.

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