Birthday Snow - February 2007

The beginning of January was unusually warm, but February brought colder temperatures. Here is your typical conditions/forecast for a typical bracing Ithaca morning:
Negative Degrees

Despite all of the cold, we did not get much snow. There were often forecasts for lake effect snow, but in the end all of it ended up going to the North (to poor Oswego, which ended up with 7+ feet of it).

All of that changed on my birthday though. Finally some real snow! My birthday is apparently the snowiest week on average during the year (see a pervious occurance here).

Here I am out and about in it:
Vince in the Snow

It was 8°F out (-13°C for those of you who prefer SI units). I was out cleaning off the cars:

That picture was taken about 2/3 the way through the storm, we got a few hours of additional snow later. While I would have preferred to stay inside, the apartment management was leaving threatening notes on our doors telling us to move our cars so they could plow.

Cornell actually closed early; rumor has it that it's only the 4th time ever they've closed due to weather.

Overall, an enjoyable birthday gift. My age is now a prime number, for those of you keeping track.
The following weekend we had a beautifully warm day (that is, it was in the high 20s) so Kristina and I decided to go out and enjoy the snow!

We went to the Cayuga Nature Center and rented snow shoes. We had never done this before, but it sounded fun. And it was!

Here I am:
Vince in Snow Shoes

The sky was clear, so Cayuga Lake was a beautiful blue color. I apologize that the best picture I could get of it was through some trees:
Cayuga Lake

Whoever led the way had the hard job of packing down the snow; everyone after had easier going. Here's a picture of Kristina taking the lead:

Kristina Snow Shoe

In case you are interested, you can see the part of the path we took (I didn't turn the GPS on until we had gone a ways). You can even see our circumnavigation of a farm pond...
Our route
After getting home I tried watching for birds for the Great Backyard Bird Counter, but I only saw one bird the entire day (a female Cardinal, if you care). Maybe more will come to our bird feeder tomorrow.
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