Vince's Birthday, AKA the Presidents' Day Snow Storm

Once again the stars were in roughly the same place in the sky as when I was born. My age is no longer the result of a factorial... my age is now a perfect square. [and no, I am not 121 (5! = 120, 11²=121)].

A large number of balloons spontaneously appeared at my apartment. Apparently they have this great script for a movie based on The Twenty-One Balloons. Tried to convince them that the Will DuBois I know isn't _that_ Will DuBois.

Then it began to snow. Then when we got all excited, it stopped. Then after a day it started up again and snowed for like 30 hours.

We had bird food out for the birds. You can get a suprising number of them to show up.

The in-flight bird you see is a robin. It isn't around for the food, but rather is part of a huge flock living in the fruit tree outside K's window. I was under the mistaken impression Robins go South until spring. Apparently instead they go to Abingdon and hang out in fruit trees.

Despite being banned by the governor from using state highways [leaving us trapped unless we cheated and cut across a shopping center parking lot] we did not starve. A giant heart-shaped cake kept us well nourished.

For my birthday I got a guinea pig! I am bad at picking names, but I think she will be called "Susie" [AKA Stealth Pig, AKA Little Girl, AKA Saucy Susan]. Her name could be short for "Gabrielle Suzanne, Devourer of Worlds!" or maybe a reference to Susie Derkins of Calvin and Hobbes fame, or maybe even Susan Calvin of robopsychology fame.

We were trapped inside by giant meanacing icicles of doom.

We ended up with over 2 feet of snow which drifted around. Below is my car. Three guesses where my left-hand glove and snow-shovel are? Of course in the most useful place, buried in my car.

Took over an hour to clear out. Here is it half done. It's even more impressive than the big storm when I lived in Massachusetts

Here I am coming back in. Another picture to add to your "photos to blackmail Vince with" file. I soon went out to help K w her car. I arrived too late and she had already done much of the work without a shovel but attempted to be of service anyway.

And sadly, and all too soon, the long weekend ended. [Update.. it lasted longer than I thought it would, as Monday was Presidents' Day, Tuesday APG was closed, and on Wednesday no one had bothered to plow the road to the building I work at. It looks like tomrrow life will be back to normal assuming we don't get the extra snow the usually-inaccurate Meteorologists claim there is a 30% chance of].
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