JC Stuff I did during 1996-1997

Class of '97 Graduation
I visited the Class of '97 graduation this Sunday. Was a pretty nice ceremony... the rain held off until the W's. I am frightened that I have forgotten so much about my graduation that I couldn't compare the two very well, but it was nice. I was a bit distracted by the person next to me silently counting how many more awards people got this year than he got last year. Also when my poor girlfriend arrived late after locking her keys in her car the night before, only to come back the next day to a dead battery. Poor Marie. And excepting a weird blessing thing at the end with right hands extended like a Hitler propaganda movie, the whole ceremony was nice, clear and went off without a hitch.
Class of '98 Ring Dance
Yes, the rumors are true. After 2 years of trying I finally got a ring dance date. Click Here for Details.
Class of '97 Variety Show
Well, went to variety show. It was interesting, but short. The funniest thing was the Brennen skit. That was incredibly funny. Of course none of the acts could ever compare to the Star Trek skit of last year.

It was sort of interesting to be home again. And I saw one car accident too many. But other than that I had a pretty good time.

And all those people I missed seeing, maybe I'll see you at the 5 year reunion. hehe.

Homecoming 97
Well I returned to homecoming as an outsider.

We lost the game 6-0.

The Powder Puff game ended in a tie (6-6?) so we still can claim to be the only undefeated/untied team in history.

The dance was sort of weird. There was a DJ. I found that weird because it seems that most of the dances I went to seemed to have "Crushing Day" there. Also it was so unlike any JC dance. Usually everyone is bounding around like injured rabbits on pogo sticks, hopping up and down. No one was doing this. (except Marie and I, because I like jumping up and down).

Anyway I showed off my sideburns but they seemed to shock fellow classmates (about half our class was at the game) more than the teachers. Oh well. Anyway I had a lot of fun.

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