Ring Dance '98!

Ok... the full [well almost full] report.

Got home... was talking to Marie on the phone. Jokingly asked if she remembered to sign me up in the office [because I am a "guest" not from JC"] and she realized she hadn't and was all worried. She called a bunch of time clearing it up... but the people checking names at the door had the list they she signed when she bought the tickets and I was on that one so things were OK.

I went to see Empire Strikes back with her that afternoon.... and afterwards we ran into Gus and started talking. Suddenly I realized that if I went straight home I'd only have 30 minutes to get ready. I rushed home and actually had 45, but still hehe.

Drove up to her house [takes 50 minutes] and got there right on time. My mom wasn't home to take pictures of me, and my Dad checked to make sure my engine was OK. [He has never done this before so it made me a little paranoid] but I got there right at 6:45.

Her family was about ready to go to Mass. They took my picture w her, and due to a mixup they left w/o her mother. So on the way to dinner we dropped off her Mom at church. Hehe it was on the way but it was sorta funny. Also though I asked for a wristlet on the flower, they forgot. I had no clue how to pin it on so Lizann did. The color of the ribbon matched her dress perfectly though so I was in luck again.

We got to Bel Air and I circled the wonderful one way downtown once and didn't see the restaurant. So we went over and parked at the "Bel Air Parking Garage". I had no clue if it was after hours or not, but since neither Marie or I had quarters we chanced it at a meter. We walked over and found the restaurant "Georgetown North." We walked in and I was oriented so Marie had to tell the person we had reservations. And we went upstairs and it was cool, and coincidently our waitress was named Amy. I got this awesome steak and fries mmmmmmmmm it was good.

Then we left. And I just talked to Marie and apparently there is a possibility we didn't pay enough. [i.e. she has $10 extra] so hehe oh well.

We got to JC early [7:45] and like they had a DJ..... I mean a DJ at ring dance? I am so used to having "Crushing Day" at dances I don't know what to do with a DJ. And there's this new dancing. We used to always do the deranged rabbit pogo stick dance. All they do now is some sort of swaying back and forth. Except for a guy dressed like "Disco Stu" it was pretty tame.

I got to see some teachers, Mr. Chrismer, Mrs. Fisher, Mr. Ward, Mr. Mountain, Mr. Smith, etc. And I saw Lennie P from my class. I don't know any other juniors besides Mree and Kevin W. But everyone seemed to know me which always catches me off-guard.

Anyway Mree were anti-social and sorta danced apart from the rest, and we were so distracted we forgot to get our pictures taken... so if you are someone who has asked [for whatever reason] for a picture... don't worry I am working on it but it might be delayed somewhat.

And then we went home and I had an awesome time.

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