Hi. There used to be a lot of stuff here, and there still is. but most of it was unmaintained and out of date, so i've given up on it. For anyone interested, the old homepage can be found here. I'm simply creating this new page with some links to some of the more recent stuff, and we'll go from there.

My resume is here, in html. (all other versions are old).

Information about the Pavilion N5430.

The homepage of powernowd.

The voodooutils homepage

Outdated attampt at asynchronous multiprocessing on Linux here.

Notes from my trip to OLS 2004 here.

My journal/blog that I share with my wife is here (new address): clemensfam.org

Old Picture albums here. Newer photo albums at photos.clemensfam.org

I can always be reached at clemej at alum.rpi.edu