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Celebrating twenty-five years of linux_logo!

Here it is, my small Linux claim to fame. A few years back I saw the need for a text-based logo and sysstem information program for Linux. It started small, but the e-mail and patches from people around the world have kept me working at it until it has developed into the program you see today. Feel free to try it out.



Git Tree:

I have created a git development tree with full history dating back to linux_logo-0.1. It can be found here:

You can check out a version with this command:
git clone git:// linux_logo.git
The git tree is based on .tar.gz files from my archives. Over the years I've lost some early releases. I'd greatly appreciate if anyone could provide the following:


Related project: "ll": Linux Logo in 20+ different Assembly Languages

Check it out here: ll page.


Support Files

I have collected over 1000 "/proc/cpuinfo" files over the years to test linux_logo with. This must be useful to someone besides me. The best way to gt them is probably the git tree from here:
  git clone git://

Other Screenshots

Here are some pictures of linux_logo running on interesting machines:
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