Apple ][ "Wargames" Demo

This is a short demo (roughly 4k) that acts out a scene from near the ending of the 1983 movie Wargames.


This came about when I was working on adding SSI-263 speech chip support to the Peasant's Quest port. The computer voice sounded vaguely like Joshua.

I've always wanted to have a nice screensaver with the big nuclear war scenario. This isn't quite it, but it's a start. Had to dredge up a lot of high-school algebra and calculus to get those parabolas drawn.


Capture running in AppleWin. Note I don't have an SSI-263 chip currently so I can't test on real hardware.


System Requirements


Disk Images


Development Notes

13 September 2021 -- Version 0.1

Threw map together, the speech, and some nice lines and parabolas. There's a C program that takes the screen co-ordinates and creates the input for the trajectories, so in theory you could do a lot more than just the scenario shown.

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