Here's a shot of Level 1

Here's a shot from Level 2

Here's a picture of the level2 level editor.

Here's a shot of it running in -curses mode in a 160x75 Eterm with the 6-point "clean" font. It remains playable even on an 80x25 text console.

And here's a shot of me running it over ssh from a Solaris box, using BSD curses as the target. This is 80x25 using VT-102 emulation. A bit hard to make out, but I can make it to level 2 like this ;)

And finally, here is a screenshot of the new openGL target. It's hard to tell, but this is me playing it on a surface rotated 45 degrees around the point 160,100,0. Hopefully I get a more impressive screenshot.

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