Apple ][ Still Alive -- 16k Demo

Quick Description

This is the closing sequence of Valve's Portal, in 6502 assembly language, as displayed by an Apple II computer.

This is a follow-on to the Portal in Applesoft BASIC project I did a few years ago. I was never satisfied with the beeper music at the end, so this version has either 4-channels of AY-3-8910 audio (if you have a Mockingboard card) or 2-channels of Electric Duet beeper sound if you don't.

More Screenshots


The first half is the 80col/Mockingboard version, the second half is the 40col/Electric Duet version.

Fun fact

The letter 'Z' does not appear at all in the lyrics to the song. (Noticed when I had an off-by one error in the uppercasing code).

Sourcecode and Disk Image

You can get the disk image here: still_alive.dsk (140k, 5 June 2018)

You can get the sourcecode here in the music/still_alive directory of my dos33fsprogs github (ugh) repository:
git clone
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For full details see the size optimization notes in the README with the source code.
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