Apple II 256B Shapetable Party Demo

Presented at @party 2020.
By -=DEsIRE=-: code by deater

It's a shapetable party! Marvel as the "dSr" desire logo spins across the stage!

A 256 byte Apple II demo that uses the ROM shapetable support.

Unlike other 8-bit machines, the Apple II does not have fancy graphics hardware. This demo takes advantage of the two features the machine does have going for it; fast page-flipping as well as the software scalable vector routines in ROM.



Special thanks to Will Winter who volunteered to film this on actual hardware on short notice. (my Apple II hardware is all stuck on lockdown at work).

Sourcecode and Disk Image

You can get the disk image here: dsr_shape.dsk (140k), 13 June 2020)

You can get the sourcecode here in the demos/shapetable_party directory of my dos33fsprogs github repository:
git clone
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