Apple II PT3 Vortex Tracker Player

Playing pt3 files generated by the Vortex Tracker on an Apple II with Mockingboard.


This is an attempt to play some complex chiptune files on an old Apple II with a Mockingboard card. The Mockingboard, introduced around 1981, was a sound card for the Apple II series of computers. It has dual AY-3-8910 chips on it, providing a total of 6 channels of square-wave sound, plus noise and envelope effects.

My previous Chiptune Player played YM5 files, which are raw captures of the AY-3-8910 data stream. These are easy to play, but the raw data takes up a huge amount of space (hundreds of kilobytes) when uncompressed. The chiptune player did some clever tricks with LZ4 compression to make things fit, but in the end most of the 48k of RAM on an Apple II+ was needed to hold the ym5 file and decompressed register values.

This is coded in 6502 assembly language. And unlike my previous player, you can drop properly named files onto the disk image and they should play w/o any additional conversion.

Some technical details on the pt3 file format can be found here: README_pt3.txt

Some more info on the player itself can be found here: README.pt3_player

A FAQ of sorts can be found here: FAQ.pt3_player

Also feel free to vote on this at pouet.


Video capture of it running on my Apple IIe platinum, with Mockingboard card.




Apple II Code/Disk Images

Where did I find these chiptune files? A lot come from ZX Art

Development Log

28 December 2019

Updated version 1.4 which can auto-detect what slot the Mockingboard is in.

21 December 2019

Updated new version 1.3, think I finally fixed the glitchy audio issue (was a problem with holding write signal too long).

11 September 2019

Fixed an issue with portamento. Also the four frequency tables are all properly generated, at run-time. This makes the code a bit larger but it also runs slightly faster. Released version 1.2

31 August 2019

Fixed an issue where vibrato was being calculated wrong. Released version 1.1

9 June 2019

More crazy optimization. qkumba turned many of the vars into self-modified code, and I moved the player to using a large chunk (120 bytes) of the zero page. The player now has an overhead of 15% on the benchmark file.

7 June 2019

Released v0.8. Some bugfixes to both the player code and also the sound output. Many optimizations from qkumba. Should also now run properly on an Apple IIc.

Also now the code includes a separate "pt3_lib" directory with stripped down code that can more easily be dropped into your own project.

5 June 2019

Some more optimization, we have the code size down to 2.75k.

2 June 2019

Version 0.7 released. Fixed some minor bugs introduced by qkumba's optimizations.

30 May 2019

Version 0.5 released. Qkumba went through and made many, many optimizations.

22 May 2019

Working on auto-generating some of the lookup tables in order to save some space. Involved trying to figure out what the impressively dense (and uncommented) z80 code does. I have it working, even though I only 50% understand what the original code is doing.

Doing this properly involves writing a lot more test harnesses than you would expect, only to save a few hundred bytes.

17 May 2019

Released v0.4 which has some speedups, supports looping.

17 May 2019 (early am)

Converting sound from 1.7MHz (ZX Spectrum) to 1MHz (Apple II) now. A bit of a pain, but we can multiply by 9/16th which is doable on the 6502.

Also we uppercase the author/title info on the II/II+ now.

16 May 2019

Wasted some time on visualization, and optimizing said visualization. Does the PSX Doom-style fire effect. You can't easily tell, but the height of the fire on each 3rd of the screen corresponds to the volume of that channel in the song.

14 May 2019

Finally got things working. Validated on a few songs.

Have some video of the proof of concept here. It's loading the player into HGR RAM so you can see the data structures change while it's playing. The BASIC loader just sets the background to purple before running, as it looks mildly better that way. Total song time is added up at the beginning because (as far as I know) there's no way to tell total song time without stepping through every pattern and counting.

13 May 2019

Finally have the 6502 assembly version decoding the first 8 frames of EA.pt3 properly.

Still stops after the first note. Am going to redirect the register dump out PR#1 (the printer port) to do some more debugging.

As an aside, signed 8-bit compares are a pain on the 6502. It probably means my 16-bit signed compares are broken too.

11 May 2019

Progressing on the 6502 version. It's not working, but it fails in an interesting way.

This reminds me of the C64 "A Mind is Born" Demo for some reason.

8 May 2019

Have the C version more or less working, starting to convert to 6502 assembly. 4 May 2019

Got the C version working enough to play PT3 files on my Raspberry Pi Chiptune player

2 May 2019

Working again on getting the PT3 stuff working. Mostly basing this off the AY_emul code (which is in Pascal) and by viewing the output of Vortex Tracker in a hex editor.
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